The brand new single from Glór Tire 2020 finalist ALEX ROE is an original from the pen of esteemed songwriter BILLY MORRISSEY, and NO ONE WILL EVER LOVE YOU (LIKE I DO) – the sixth single of Roe’s career – showcases a more mature style from the young Offaly man. Right from the beginning of his time on the Irish country scene, Roe – who has been guided to the last four of this year’s series of Glór Tire by his mentor, the legendary TRUDI LALOR – has made a point of stamping his own unique mark on things. That included the bold decision to pick three completely original songs from Irish songwriters as his first three singles. That sense of self-belief that saw him go against the grain of emerging artists who tend to cover classic country hits as they first try to gain some attention, was richly and deservedly rewarded as all three tracks also became the first of his four #1s on the iTunes Irish country chart. With NO ONE WILL EVER LOVE YOU (LIKE I DO), Roe is continuing in that same vein that sees and acknowledges the importance of pairing substance with style when it comes to what he chooses to record. “It’s always an honour when an original song comes your way, and I’ve been lucky enough to have some really talented songwriters trust me to do a good job on their work. I think it’s an important part of what any artist needs to do when they’re trying to establish themselves. You have to have songs that are linked just to you. So getting this chance to go into the studio and be part of a song from Billy’s pen, that’s a real privilege for someone like me who’s still in the early days of his career.” The Clara man continued, “Billy and Trudi have been brilliant to me over the last year, and I think it’s in large part down to their guidance and advice in so many different ways, that I’ve been able to deliver a song like this one. Lyrically, it has a whole lifetime of experience in it. But lyrically and musically, it’s just such a fun song to sing, and that’s why Billy is such a talented writer, being able to make that happen so easily. I can’t wait for fans to hear it, and hopefully to enjoy it as well.”