Mike Denver stays close to home for his brand new recording of ‘Galway Bay.’

Mike Denver has long been renowned for his talent in performing great Irish ballads and for all those who love them, the singer’s latest single is a real treat.

The Galway man has out a creative twist on a classic about his own home county – with traditional Irish musical accompaniments giving a fresh approach to the classic Irish song. His take on My Dear Old Galway Bay is out now.

“We had been playing the song in our shows earlier in the year and I always planned to record it sooner other that later. I suppose with staying at home so much recently, now seems a really appropriate time to record a track about a place I love so much,” says Mike.

“While it’s a song that most people will know, this has been a nice opportunity to put our own spin on in. I’ve enjoyed the whole process and the chance to be really involved in the production has been a nice bonus – with being on the road so much, I don’t always have a lot of extra time to spend in the studio. Working closely with Peter Maher in the production has been a great experience.”

Mike Denver’s new single is now available from the usual download and streaming channels.