NORMAN BORLAND is a man of simple needs and tastes, so it’s little wonder that he often refers to himself as just, “a country singer singing country songs.” But he could well be on his way to earning himself a new reputation too, perhaps as the king of duets!
Norman’s latest release, FRIENDS LIKE US, sees the Donegal man return to the studio in the company of the wonderful PATRICIA McGUIRE, for their take on a song co-written by the legendary Randy Travis, together with Steve Dorff and John Bettis.
Produced by Brian Kerrigan at Harmony Recording Studios, Friends Like Us sees Norman follow up recent collaborations with the great Mick Flavin on The Little Mountain Church, and with Gerry Guthrie on Ain’t No Little Thing, with another duet that highlights an endearing versatility when it comes to working with fellow artists.
The presence of Patricia’s sublime vocal on Friends Like Us allows Norman to lay bare his more tender side, something one of the song’s writers, Randy Travis, also had quite the knack for. In fact, Travis proved just that with this very song, singing it with Beth Nielsen Chapman in the 1997 animated Christmas movie, Annabelle’s Wish, which Travis also narrated. Lynne Heffley of the Los Angeles Times praised Travis’ narration, the score and songs, and the film’s “gentle message of selfless love.”
That same gentle message of selfless love is one that has been beautifully embodied on this song by Norman and Patricia, as their vocals effortlessly embrace while they sing. On Friends Like Us, Norman and Patricia provide the perfect reminder that we all need friends like this. And, music like this, too.
Norman is currently putting the finishing touches to his brand new album. As well as featuring Friends Like Us, The Little Mountain Church, and Ain’t No Little Thing, that long-player will also include recent singles Broken The Line, Loving You’s Like Coming Home, and Healing Hands.

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