When it comes to getting you everywhere that you need to be, you’ll need DEBRA COMMUNICATIONS on your team!
As a recording artist, the work doesn’t just stop as soon as you wrap things up in the studio. On the contrary, that’s exactly when you need to make sure that everything you’ve invested in your project – your time, your money, and of course, your talent – has the very best chance of success on the next step of its journey. That next step is getting your song or album out into the world. And making sure that it reaches all of the top radio presenters and shows out there, so that they can share your work with their listeners, well that’s precisely where and why we at DEBRA COMMUNICATIONS come in… because we specialise in getting you everywhere you need to be!
When it comes to servicing radio, we have a track record of success based on treating every client with the same level of professionalism and respect. It doesn’t matter if it’s your very first release, or if you’re already a household name with hits galore to your credit. Every artist who comes to us will always be met with the same warm welcome and the same enthusiasm for their first or latest project. That’s something we pride ourselves on. And that’s why so many artists come back to us, too, time and time again. In the music business, as in life, there’s no substitute for trust, and that’s something we take great care in building in our relationships with all of our clients.
In recent times, we’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the biggest names in Irish country music and entertainment today, including NATHAN CARTER, MIKE DENVER, DECLAN NERNEY, GERRY GUTHRIE, and LORRAINE McDONALD. But not only that, it’s also been our privilege to work on behalf of some of Irish entertainment’s most legendary stars, amongst them T.R.DALLAS, LISA STANLEY, PADDY O’ BRIEN, JOHNNY CARROLL, and the FUREYS. We’ve also welcomed aboard an exciting array of new, young, and emerging talents – at all levels of their careers, and of all ages – such as AISHLING RAFFERTY, ALEX ROE, DEIRDRE KEANE, NORMAN BORLAND, ALANNA MAHER, MATTHEW CRAMPSEY, DONIE O, and many, many more.
When it comes to success, nobody can ever get there alone. But when it comes to getting your music to radio, nobody does it better than our team at DEBRA COMMUNICATIONS. And that’s why you should have us on your team, too…because as far as radio is concerned, we’ll get you everywhere you need to be!


Debra Communications was started in 2017 by Debra Dowler. We offer a wide array of services catered towards Irish and International Artists, Radio Stations and Businesses. We also offer bulk email distribution, and we are the offical promotional agents for Hot Country TV.

For more information on any of our services, please contact us here.

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